(* denotes Band or Venue confirmation)

Please check all listings before setting out to gigs. Most gigs (if not all) are outside and may need advance booking for/or limited seating!

Sunday 1st  
Overdrive* # Old Fox, Felling (5pm)
101 Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
'Killifest 2021'
King For A Day (12pm)
KSVT (1:30pm)
Eli (3pm)
Mad Manners (4:45pm)
Firelight Opera (6:30pm)
Station, Killingworth

(Ticket Event!)

(15 day/22 weekend ticket)

Mother Earth* Crook Hotel, Crook (5pm)
The Hookahs* Old Fox, Hexham (4:30pm)
Lounge Lizards The Tyne, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
Percy & the Piglets* Railway Inn, Acklington (4pm)
Iron Alter
Trillians, Newcastle*
Deep Purple in Rock Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4:30pm)
UK Rock Legends* The Lake, Marsden
Lee Symons replaces
Junior Turner
Clousden Hill, Palmersville* (5pm)
Paul Randell (5pm)
Russel Watson (7pm)
'Beer, Pie & Music festival'
Schooner, Gateshead*
Alan Knights Colliery Tavern, Hedworth (5pm)
Sponge Divers ***CHECK!*** Tannery, Hexham* (8pm)
Outcasts Sand Dancer, South Shields* (3pm)
Alcatraz House Band* New Sundial, South Shields (4pm)
Godz of Wor* Claredon, Sunderland (5pm)
Monday 2nd  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly)
Starz* Mill View Club, Sunderland
Tuesday 3rd  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Buskers Night with Jack Mylchrest (Weekly) Wheelhouse, Washington (Weekly)
Wednesday 4th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
Thursday 5th  
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Patrick Kelly Market Tavern, Newcastle*
Alexanders Palace Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Kenny Craig* Black Bull, Morpeth
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
Friday 6th
FM* Star Inn, Newcastle*
Breakfast Club Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Full Tilt Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Percy & the Piglets* Tan Hill Inn
Kindred Spirit Moorcock, Peterlee*
The Force* Rose Inn, Wallsend
We Are Champion (Queen trib) Unionist Club, South Shields*
Pre Amps
Josh Heneghan
'Heart & Soul Rally'
Percy Park Rugby Club, Tynemouth
This Machine* ***CANCELLED!*** Platform 1, Bedlington
Gatecrashers replace
This Machine*
Platform 1, Bedlington
Tom Atkinson Quakerhouse, Darlington*
Bad Bob Bates* Blues & Bourbon, Newcastle*
Straight Shot Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Peter Allen Venue, Cramlington*
Richard Gardner Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Berry Burgess Mr. Ants, Hexham
Baldy Holly Band Old Fat Fox, Holywell
Kimmi Three Mile Inn, Gosforth*
Spitting Vicars Live Lounge, Sunderland
Colour Sound (Pat McMahon) Schooner, Gateshead*
Overdrive* Voyager, South Shields
TBC Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Saturday 7th  
The Kill Star Inn, Newcastle*
Acoustic Weller Blue Bell, Jesmond
Obsession (UFO tribute) Trillians, Newcastle*
Percy & the Piglets* Crook Hotel, Crook*
Amazing Space Frogs Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
The Hookahs* Bubbles, Ashington
This Machine ***CANCELLED!*** Townhouse, Whitley Bay
Good Souls Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Fossil Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
The Force* Westoe Rugby Club, South Shields (3)
Dirty South
Loft Bots
Circa '69
Russ Tippins
'Heart & Soul Rally'
Percy Park Rugby Club, Tynemouth
Ritchie Bee Band Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Nutopians Three Tuns, Gateshead
Fontains Venue, Cramlington*
Riverain Heaton Buffs, Byker* (c/c)
Uncle Gilbert* Grand Hotel, Bishop Auckland
Giroscope Dougies Tavern, Hebburn*
Jess Johnson Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Kenny Craig Duo Clousden Hill, Forest Hall
Tippz Ziggys, South Shields*
DL Lynas Harbour Lights, South Shields*
Scratch White Swan, Morpeth*
Mugshot Live Lounge, Sunderland
Dan McClew Acoustic Greens, Sunderland*
Graham Hunter Mallard, Seaham* (2.50p)
FM Schooner, Gateshead*
Overdrive* Fat Ox, Whitley Bay
Sunday 8th  
Stax Brothers Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
The Force* Crook Hotel, Crook* (5pm)
Haxan Trillians, Newcastle*
The Hipthrusters The Tyne, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
Hope City Rockers Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4:30pm)
Troubleshooters Bay Horse,???
Anya Pop Sand Dancer, South Shields* (3pm)
Bernie (50s/60s R n R show) Four Ladies, Cramlington* (6pm)
Kenny Craig* Bridle Path, Whickham (6pm)
Roadhouse Blues Band Angels Place, Sunderland (3pm)
Mrs. Beckett Old Fox, Felling* (5pm)
The Panthers Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (3pm)
Monday 9th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Overdrive* Mill View Club, Sunderland
Tuesday 10th
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 11th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
'Buskers' Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Thursday 12th
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
'Open Mic' with Larry Page Tanner Smiths, Whitley Bay
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Berry Burgess Tanner Smiths, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
'Acoustic Night' with Annabel Pattison Townhouse, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
Dean Palmer Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Friday 13th
Trilogy* Star Inn, Newcastle*
Fizzy Fish Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Percy & the Piglets* 'Music/Beer festival' Gosforth Rugby Club
Rock Solid* Moorcock, Peterlee*
Deep Purple In Rock # Trillians, Newcastle*
Tubesnake* Big Jug, Durham*
Gaslighters Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Kindred Spirit Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Starz* Venue, Cramlington*
On The Rocks Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland*
This Machine* Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Witchkraft* Ox & Plough, Washington
The Arrival Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Lewis Naylor Thubron Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton (5pm)
Prism (Pink Floyd tribute) Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Charlotte Foreman Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Barely Human Voyager, South Shields*
Get Carter Harrowgate Hill, Darlington
Squire Tannery, Hexham*
Overdrive* Central Club, Peterlee
Six Nowt Greens, Sunderland*
Big Ted* Legion Club, Murton
Scott Keirs Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Connor Michael Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Breakfast Club* Armstrong Hall, South Shields
The Grumpies* Steels Club, Sunderland
Steven 'Tootie' Routledge Isabella, Blyth*
Palominos Schooner, Gateshead*
Revival Crown, Whickham*
Saturday 14th  
Riff Raff* (ACDC tribute) # Boathouse, Wylam (3) (3pm)
Rise Up
Black Bull, Blaydon*
Uncle Gilbert replace
Crook Hotel, Crook*
280's ***CHECK!*** Star Inn, Newcastle* ***CHECK!***
Rigid Digits Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Dreddnautz Plough Inn, Mitford
FM* Turbinia, Newton Aycliffe
This Machine Rose Inn, Wallsend
Fallen Mafia* 'Steeltown Festival', Consett Rugby Club
Four Worried Men Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Percy & the Piglets* Shakespear, Guidepost
Metal Millitia (Metallica trib) # Trillians, Newcastle*
The Force* Residents Club, New Hartley*
Tubesnake* Byers Green SC, Spennymoor
Diamond Dogs Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth*
Magic Beans ***CANCELED!*** Trimmers Arms, South Shields* ***CHECK!***
Breakfast Club* Trimmers Arms, South Shields ***CHECK!***
Deeper Season Pelaw Inn, Gateshead*
Fire Lady Luck Duo Melton Constable, Seaton Sluice* (8pm)
Tin Soldiers Venue, Cramlington*
Uncle Gilbert* Crook Hotel, Crook*
Dust Raisers Blue Bell, Jesmond*
King Size Voodoo Traveller* ***CANCELLED!*** Black Bull, Blaydon (5) ***CANCELLED!***
Two Metres Apart Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Amy Hopkinson Clousden Hill, Forest Hall*
Fargo Railroad Co. Old Fox, Felling*
Daft Funk Saltgrass, Sunderland*
Dave Ridley Greens, Sunderland*
10CCLO (Tribute) Rose Inn, Wallsend* (Afternoon!)
Small Wonder Wheatsheaf,
So What Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Fontains Fat Ox, Whitley Bay*
Kenny Craig Mill Tavern, Hebburn??*
The Grumpies Mallard, Seaham*
1977 Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Riverain Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Bone Idols Anchor Tap, Hartlepool
Get Carter Eston Institute, Middlesbrough
Whistle Testers Tannery, Hexham*
DejaVu White Swan, Morpeth
Tommy & the Oddballs* The Windsor, Kingston Park
Bad Bob Bates Black Bull, Blaydon
Overdrive* Unionist Club, South Shields
Distant Suns Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
Jonathan Page (In Bar)
Two Meters Apart (Event suite)
Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Lloyd Joyce Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Breakfast Club* Ziggys, South Shields
Godz of Wor Victors, Sunderland??
Marthas Boneyard Lord of the Manor, Cramlington
The Grumpies* Mallard, Seaham
The Cosmics Voyager, South Shields*
Gail Neill (3pm)
Alcatraz House Band (9pm)
Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton
'Various Acoustic' Schooner, Gateshead*
Sunday 15th  
Alex Fawcett Band Crook Hotel, Crook* (5pm)
Electric Sheep Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Percy & the Piglets* The Inn Between, Seaham (4pm)
Rock Solid* Steelies, Hartlepool
The Force* Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
STAN The Tyne, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
King Size Voodoo Traveller* ***CANCELLED!*** Greens, Sunderland* ***CANCELLED!***
David Stoker Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (5pm)
Punkasaurus* Black Bull, Gateshead (5pm)
JustSo Venue, Cramlington* (1pm)
Ritchie Bee Band The Fox, Hexham* (5pm)
The Dancers Trio replace
Voyager, South Shields*
Gaslighters ***CHECK!*** Voyager, South Shields*
Get Carter Constiitutional, Billingham
'Buskers' Tannery, Hexham* (6pm)
Overdrive* Grindon Broadway SC, Sunderland (Noon)
Eli Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Thieves of Liberty Sand Dancer, South Shields* (3pm)
Toxic Schooner, Gateshead* (6pm)
Brothel Creepers St. Peters Club, Byker* (8pm)
The Grumpies* Welcome Tavern, Washington
Deam Palmer Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton (3pm)
Monday 16th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Tuesday 17th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 18th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
Thursday 19th
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
David Stoker Market Tavern, Newcastle*
The Spangles Trillians, Newcastle*
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Open Mic' ***CANCELLED!*** Venue, Cramlington ***CANCELLED!***
Emily Bourn Black Bull, Morpeth*
Sam Wright Criterion, South Shields*
Chris Hawkins Bubbles, Ashington*
Friday 20th
The Hookahs* Lindisfarne Club, Wallsend
Gipsy Eyes Star Inn, Newcastle*
Tiny Afro Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Love Distraction (Human League trib)
Mad Manners
Unionist Club, South Shields* (Tickets!)
Fallen Mafia* Black Bull, Blaydon
Rock Solid* Glendale, Houghton-le-Spring
DVD Moorcock, Peterlee*
Surreal Panther Trillians, Newcastle*
Porn Shop Roxx Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Erik & the Vikings Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Trilogy The Crown, Whickham
Ashes & Diamonds Venue, Cramlington*
Overdrive Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland*
Russ Tippins Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Dean Palmer Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Sound Cartel Voyager, South Shields*
Joe Treacy Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Richard Gardner Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Michael Rolf Schooner, Gateshead*
The Kill* Three Tuns, Gateshead
Freddie Purvis Old Fat Ox, Holywell
Distant Suns Greens, Sunderland*
Siren Big Jug, Durham*
Mad Manners Clover & Wolf, South Shields*
Jason Arnup Tannery, Hexham*
Alex Fawcett Band* Blues & Bourbon (Billy Bootleggers), Newcastle
Saturday 21st
The Hookahs* # Blue N Bourbon, Newcastle (Billy Bootleggers)
Beth & Russ Tippins Band* Innisfree SC, Longbenton* (6)
Tubesnake* Old Fox, Felling
STAN* Schooner, Gateshead*
Assassin Star Inn, Newcastle*
7 Sins Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Graham Henderson Experience Crook Hotel, Crook*
ACDC GB Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Revenant Frigate, Marske
Acoustic Keys replace
Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Percy & the Piglets* Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Green Days Trillians, Newcastle*
Punkasaurus* Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Trilogy* Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Dog In A Box Venue, Cramlington*
Beatles Unplugged Blue Bell, Jesmond
Robbie Williams (Noon)
Boyzone v Take That (1pm)
Beautiful South (3pm)
Elvis (4:30pm)
Freddie Mercury (6pm)
'Tribute Festival'
Station, Killingworth*
The Addiction Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Oil City Shakers* Frog & Ferret, Spenymoor
The Manchester Anthems replace
The Rattlers
Voyager, South Shields*
Howaysis Bubbles, Ashington*
Fire Lady Luck Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton
Stoned Crowes Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Usual Suspects Trio Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Steve Gibson GW Horners, Chester-le-Street
Berry Burgess Longship, Hebburn
'Tributes to...'
Depeche Mode/Pink/
Mad Manners/
Duran Duran/Real Thing/
Rose Inn, Wallsend* (from Noon)
Annabel Pattison Anglers Arms, Tyneside
Graham Henderson Experience Crook Hotel, Crook*
Wayne 'Scoops' Grassie replace
Six Card Trick
Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth*
Da Coda Angel Inn
Eli Ox Inn, Stanley*
Elle Sunderland Tannery, Hexham*
Alcatraz House band Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Whodlums* (5:30pm) 'Washington Live', ???
The Sharks Stumble Inn, Sunderland*
Distant Suns replace
Lounge Lizards
White, Swan, Morpeth*
FM* Mallard, Seaham
Danny Smith Greens, Sunderland*
Michael McNally Mill Tavern, Hebburn*
UK Legends Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Sunday 22nd
King Size Voodoo Traveller* # Old Fox, Felling* (5pm)
Sticky Fingers* replace
Born Villains
Crook Hotel, Crook* (5pm)
Diamond Dogs Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Percy & the Piglets* New Sun Dial, South Shields (4pm)
Ruled by Raptor
Last Case Scenario
Trillians, Newcastle*
Archie Brown & the Young Bucks The Tyne, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
New Breed Revolution Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4:30pm)
Boneshakers* Voyager, South Shields* (6:30pm)
Mad Manners Four Ladies, Cramlington* (6:30pm)
Matt Wilkinson Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
John Anderson Acoustic Sand Dancer, South Shields* (6pm)
James Hedley (5pm)
'Buskers' (7pm)
Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Tiny Afro Acoustic Newcastle House, Rothbury
Eli Bishops, Bishop Auckland
'Buskers Night' Tannery, Hexham* (6pm)
FM* The Royal, Trimdon
Overdrive* Vigilant, South Shields (7pm)
Mad Manners Bell & Bucket, North Shields (4pm)
Monday 23rd  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' Old Fox, Felling*
Tuesday 24th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 25th  
Mercury Riots #
Heartbreak Remedy
Trillians, Newcastle*
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
Thursday 26th
Trillians, Newcastle* (7/10)
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Annabel Pattison Townhouse, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
Friday 27th
Bon Jovi/The KIll Gold Medal, Low Fell* (10 tickets!)
Beer Monkeys replace
Balls of Steel
Star Inn, Newcastle*
Big Ted Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Uncle Gilbert Moorcock, Peterlee*
UK/DC # replace
Pearl Jam GB
Trillians, Newcastle*
Tubesnake* Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Broken Toys Venue, Cramlington*
Uncle Gilbert* Moorcock, Peterlee
Ana Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland*
Big Ted* & friends 'Alan Gibson fundraiser'
Magnesia Bank, North Shields
King Size Voodoo Traveller* Longhirst Golf Club, Morpeth (Tickets 5)
Mad Manners Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
The Revelry Voyager, South Shields*
Fossil Crown, Whickham*
Jason Arnup Tannery, Hexham*
Kindred Spirit Times Inn, Seaham
Grumpies* Victoria, Murton
Revolver Clover & Wolf, South Shields*
Dave Lynas Grannie Annies, Sunderland
Lee Symons Wellwood Arms, Amble*
Beyond Madness* Sir Thomas Brown, Eaglescliff
Lock N Load* Ox & Plough, Washington
Ultimate Bowie Tyne Bank Brewery, Byker (10adv/13 door)
Graham Hunter Ziggys, South Shields*
Krakatoa Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Toni Anderson Seven Stars, Ponteland*
Connor Haley Drunken Duck, Durham?
Get Carter* Cleadon SC
Overdrive* Live Lounge, Sunderland
Big River Steels Club, Sunderland*
Red Hot Chillipinos Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Black Cadillac Greens, Sunderland*
On The Road Again Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Mad Manners* Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Saturday 28th  
Sticky Fingers Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Deep Purple in Rock replace
New Breed Revolution
Crook Hotel, Crook*
'Band-fest' tbc Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Arranthrax/Live Undead Trillians, Newcastle*
Russ Tippins Band Venue, Cramlington*
Dog In A Box Blue Bell, Jesmond
The Hookahs* Old Fox, Felling*
AKQ Stottin' Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Shiver Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Growing Robots Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Tommy & the Oddballs* The Denton, Newcastle
Sofistication Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton
T.B.C. Voyager, South Shields*
7 Sins Residents Club, New Hartley*
Punkasaurus replace
Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Test Pilots Colliery Tavern, Boldon
Fossil Star Inn, Newcastle*
Grumpies* Britannia, Houghton
Lounge Lizards Clover & Wolf, South Shields*
FM* Ox Hill, Stanley
Dean Palmer Grannie Annies, Sunderland
L'Apostropheray Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (8pm)
Beyond Madness* Champs, Washington
Guilty Elmfield Club, South Shields?*
Lock N Load* Hartlepool WMC
Audio Jacks Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth*
Percy & the Piglets* Block N Tackle, Ashington
Ruby & the Mystery Cats Ziggys, South Shields*
Trilogy* O'Connells, Middlesbrough
Rose (Vocalist) GW Horners, Chester-le-Street*
Siren Wansbeck, Morpeth
Get Carter* Thomas Wilson Club, Low fell
TBC Pelaw Inn, Gateshead*
Beatles Unplugged White Swan, Morpeth*
Whodlums (12:45pm)
Ultimate Bowie (3pm)
Fossil (5pm)
Rhiannon (7pm)
Blakk Sabbath
Hotter Than Hell (9pm)
'Rock Tribute Show'
Rose Inn, Wallsend (Tickets)
Overdrive* Pennywell Comrades, Sunderland
After Midnight Crescent Club, Cullercoats* (SOLD OUT!)
Punkasaurus Townhouse, Whitley Bay
Annabel Pattison Harbour Lights, South Shields*
Blistered Molly Fat Ox, Whitley Bay
Mad Manners* Victoria Arms, Hartlepool (2pm)
Cyprus Hotel, South Shields (9pm)
Rivelino* Arbeia Bar, South Shields
Sunday 29th
Kool Rock UK replace
Crook Hotel, Crook* (5pm)
Straits UK (Tribute) ***CANCELLED!*** Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm) ***CANCELLED!***
Cats Night Out replace
Straits UK (Tribute)
Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
The Hookahs*
Bad Bob Bates
Growing Robots
Hair of the Derg
Pope Smooth
'Ashington Rocks'
White House SC
(Tickets 10)
(1pm start)
FM* Triumph Club Rally, Otterburn
Midnite Blue Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4:30pm)
We Are Champion (Queen tribute) Seven Stars, Ponteland* (Tickets)
Dusty Train Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Pre-Amps Voyager, South Shields* (3pm)
Duke Duo Cyprus Hotel, South Shields
Palominos Bay Horse, Felling (3:30pm)
Percy & the Piglets # Benton Ale House, Four Lane Ends* (6pm)
Grumpies* Stumble Inn, Sunderland (6pm)
Lee Brown Clover & Wolf, South Shields* (6pm)
Borderland The Stack, Newcastle (4pm)
Whole Hog Live Lounge, Sunderland
Lana & the Lost Boys Grannie Annies, Sunderland
Connor Pattison Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (5pm)
Beyond Madness* The Stack, Seaburn (3:30pm)
Seaton Sluice CIU (8:30pm)
Percy & the Piglets* Newbiggin Traders Mini Fest (1:30pm at Piazza)
Benton Ale House, Four Lane Ends (6pm)
Trilogy* replace
Alcatraz House Band
Ziggys, South Shields*
7 Sins The Fox, Hexham* (4:30pm)
Troubleshooters Wheatsheaf, Sunderland* (3pm)
JustUZFor St. Peters Club, Byker*
Dean Palmer (5pm)
The Dancers Trio (8pm)
Harbour Lights, South Shields*
Blistered Molly Old Fox, Felling* (5pm)
Borderland* The Stack, Newcastle (4pm)
Mad Manners* George Washington Golf Club (2pm)
Parklands Golf Club (6:30pm)
The Sun, Bedlington (9pm)
Fire Lady Luck Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Rivelino* Harton Welfare (7pm)
Russ Tippins* Old Well Inn, Barnard Castle* (5pm)
Jonny Sax Pelaw Inn, Gateshead*
Monday 30th
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Sleeze Sisters Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm)
Howard Baker Band Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Conor Michael Flying Scotsman, Forest Hall* (4pm)
The Overthinkers Clover & Wolf, South Shields* (6pm)
Swamp Hoppers Trio* The Basement, North Shields (3pm)
Beyond Madness* East Stanley WMC (1pm)
Kool Rock UK Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Percy & the Piglets* Anglers Arms Music Festival (6pm)
Mad Manners* New Sundial, South Shields (3pm)
Emerald Thieves PTE Club, Byker* (1pm) (3)
Ali Jane Innisfree SC, Longbenton* (2pm)
Tuesday 31st  


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