2021 September
(* denotes Band or Venue confirmation)

Please check all listings before setting out to gigs. Most gigs (if not all) are outside and may need advance booking for/or limited seating!

Wednesday 1st  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
Thursday 2nd
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Percy & the Piglets Black Bull, Morpeth*
The Jack Cades +
Thee Strawberry Mynde
Globe, Newcastle*
Steve R Pearce & the Hooligans Trillians, Newcastle*
'Buskers Night' Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Boneshakers* Frog & Ferret, Spennymoor
Edd Carr Milbourne Arms, Holywell*
Friday 3rd
AKQ Stottin' # Trillians, Newcastle*
Sound Divide Conservative Club, Seaham
Back to Black ***CHECK!*** Clousden Hill, Forest Hall*
New Breed Revolution* Crook Hotel, Crook*
Monks in an Egg Cup* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Steel Blue Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland*
Elenbak Star Inn, Newcastle*
Starz* Dougies Tavern, Hebburn
Tempest* Connections, Norton
FM* Steels Club, Sunderland
Dusty Train The Crown, Whickham
7 Sins Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
JustSo Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Face to Face Duo Mr. Ants, Hexham*
Kimmi Olsen Brown Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Arron Walker (Elvis trib) Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Romeos Pistol Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Giroscope Moorcock, Peterlee*
The Addiction Lambton Arms, Chester-le-Street
Black Ice* (AC/DC trib) Forum, Darlington
Revolutionaires Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Junkyard Dogs Corner House, Heaton*
Hot Sauce Schooner, Gateshead*
Dean James & the Black Dogs
Gary Grainger
Tynemouth SC, Tynemouth (8pm)(2)
Lewis Hill Old Fat Ox, Hollywell
Fear+Loathing The Vaults, York*
Back to Black Four Ladies, Cramlington*
Broken Toys Big Jug, Durham
Brothel Creepers Greens, Sunderland*
The Kill* Voyager, South Shields*
Louise Crisp//Ross Alexander//
Laura Elsy//Darren Wilde
Ziggys, South Shields*
Saturday 4th  
Romeos Pistol* # Benton Ale House, Four Lane Ends*
Tubesnake* Star Inn, Newcastle*
Jonny Sax Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (8pm)
Sneaky Blinders* Crook Hotel, Crook*
STAN* Three Tuns, Gateshead
Heartbreaker* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Beyond Madness Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Four Letter Word White Swan, Morpeth*
Connor Michael Surf Cafe, Tynemouth (7:30pm)
Craig John (as Freddie Mercury) Constitutional Club, Forest Hall*
The Rogues Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Usual Suspects Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Starz UK* ***CANCELLED!*** Blackhall Navy Club ***CANCELLED!***
Panic Report* Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Here's Johny Elmfields Club (3)
Darren Foster Innisfree SC, Longbenton*
Test Pilots* Ziggys, South Shields*
Tempest* Mermaid, Guisborough
Dreadnought Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Final Pout'down* Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth
Ashes of Iron
Love The Sinner
Trillians, Newcastle*
FM* Grand Hotel, Bishop Auckland
Little Bigs Acoustic Duo Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Dreadnought Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Percy & the Piglets Cullercoats Club
Lewis Curry Band Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
New Breed Revolution* Mallard, Seaham
Siren Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Broken Toys Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Sticky Fingers Durham Ox
The Addiction Ye Olde Durham, Hartlepool
Rivelino* Voyager, South Shields
Sam Tiplady Schooner, Gateshead*
The Dee Tees* Commercial, Willington
Richard Gardner Harbour Lights, South Shields*
The Echoes The Vaults, York*
Revolver Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
(Venue need band due to cancellation!) Ox Inn, Stanley*
Sunday 5th
Missing Cats Duo
Charlotte Foreman
Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (5pm)
Beyond Madness Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm)
Micheal Elvis & the Daydreamers Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Saltgrass, Sunderland (8 tickets)
The NE Street Band Tyne Bar, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
Reece Hillis Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Ma Kellys Boys
Deep Purple in Rock
'Tynedale Beer Festival
(From 1pm)(Tickets)
The Addiction The Fox, Hexham* (4pm)
Alcatraz House Band Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
Denny Owens Sand Dancer, South Shields* (6pm)
Jack Oldham Black Bull, Morpeth* (5pm)
Percy & the Piglets Bedlington Terriers Football Club (4pm)
Dean Palmer Grannie Annies, Sunderland* (5pm)
Tom Atkinson Schooner, Gateshead* (6pm)
Siren Sour Grapes, Morpeth
Giroscope* Old Fox, Felling* (5pm)
Millienium Bug Wheatsheaf, Sunderland* (3pm)
Sponge Divers Tannery, Hexham* (8pm)
Terry Slesser Albion Gin & Ale House, Jarrow*
Melody Makers The Vaults, York* (2pm)
The White Line St.Peters SC, Byker*
Monday 6th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Tuesday 7th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 8th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
'Buskers' Three Tuns, Gateshead*
'Buskers' Ship Inn, Benton*
Thursday 9th  
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
'Open Mic' with Larry Page Tanner Smiths, Whitley Bay
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Berry Burgess Tanner Smiths, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
'Acoustic Night' with Annabel Pattison Townhouse, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Scott Michael Cavagan Trillians, Newcastle*
Frog on the Tyne* Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Edd Carr Milbourne Arms, Holywell*
Friday 10th
Blakk Sabbath (Trib) ***CANCELLED!***
(Tribute band required-contact venue!)
Trillians, Newcastle* ***CANCELLED!***
CODA (Led Zep trib) Riverside Lodge, Morpeth (15 Tickets!)
T-Rox Crook Hotel, Crook*
Starz UK replace
Get Carter
Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
No Time For Jive Crescent Club, Cullercoats* (Tkts)
We Are Champion (Queen tribute) The Exchange, North Shields
Punkasaurus* Ziggys, South Shields
Richie Bee Band Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Fossil* Railway Hotel, Birtley
FM* Glendale SC, Houghton-le-Spring
Russ Tippins Electric Band* The Crown, Whickham
Graham Henderson Experience Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Contraband Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland*
Charlie Whyte Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Gaslighters Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Little Devil Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Giroscope Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Rivelino* Armstrongs, South Shields
Breakfast Club* Queens Head, Cullercoats
Swamp Hoppers* Blues & Bourbon, Newcastle
Hokum Bokum
The Kraken Wakes
Tynemouth SC, Tynemouth (8pm)(2)
Larry Page Juke Shed Bar, North Shields
Broken Toys Star Inn, Newcastle*
The Djooks* Tea in the Paddock, Morpeth
Share the Darkness Cross Bar, Darlington
Nutopians Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Heartbreaker Moorcock, Peterlee*
Mad Manners Isabella, Blyth
The Odels Venue, Cramlington
Jenn Cherene Old Fat Ox, Hollywell
Trilogy* Big Jug, Durham
Blackmores Blood* Birdwell, Barnsley
Bessie & the Zinc Buckets* Trimmers, South Shields
Brothel Creepers* Steel, Sunderland
Gipsy Eyes Greens, Sunderland*
Dave Lynas Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Emerald Thieves Schooner, Gateshead*
Saturday 11th
Tubesnake* Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Riff Raff* (AC/DC trib) Trillians, Newcastle*
Share the Darkness Crook Hotel, Crook*
Punkasaurus* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Mane Attraction Fat Ox, Whitley Bay
Overdrive ***CANCELLED!***
(Band required-contact venue!)
White Swan, Morpeth*
Fontains ***CANCELLED!*** Residents Club, New Hartley*
The Maze Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Ex-Servicemens Club, Forest Hall* (10 tickets)
Viva Apollo Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Starz* Millhouse, Crook
Fossil* Heaton Buffs Club, Byler* (c/c)
FM* Rising Sun, Crawcrook
The Panthers Angel Inn, Durham
Growing Robots Venue, Cramlington
Percy & the Piglets Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Acoustic Odds Saltgrass, Sunderland*
The Grumpies Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Rock Solid* Catholic Club, Billingham
Breakfast Club* Pelaw Inn, Gateshead
Three Odd Shoes Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
OasisJam St.Peters SC, Byker*
Little Devil Star Inn, Newcastle*
Lock N Load Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
Swamp Hoppers (3:30pm)
Teresa Watson Band (5:30pm)
Mojo Roller (7:30pm)
Darlington Blues Festival
(Roof Top Stage)
Six Card Trick* Elephant, Ashington
Ritchie Bee Band* Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Alexanders Palace Elmfield Social Club
Mad Manners Whitburn Cricket Club (3)
Maiden UK
Wild Thorn
Broken Scarecrow
O'Rileys, Hull
Get Carter North Ormesby Inst. Middlesbrough
Contraband Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth
Toxic Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Blackmores Blood* Patriot, Newport
Tom Atkinson* Prince of Wales, Blyth (5:30pm)
Brothel Creepers* Turbinia, Newton Aycliffe
Howard Baker Band Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Kimera Mallard, Seaham*
Millenium Bug Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Lounge Lizards Old Fox, Felling
Platinum Steels Club, Sunderland*
The Panthers Angel Inn, Durham*
Sophie Davis & Fin Dobing Schooner, Gateshead* (8pm)
Freddie Purvis* Frog & Ferret, Spennymoor
Sunday 12th  
These Wicked Rivers #
Black Water Conspiracy
Trillians, Newcastle* (10adv/12door)
Kenny Craig Four Ladies, Cramlington* (5:30pm)
Alcatraz House Band Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm)
Jack Blacker/Contraband/
Monks in an Egg Cup/Whodlums/
Percy & the Piglets/Rock Solid*/
Diamond Dogs*/Big Ted
'Stevestock 2021'
Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Proper Boys* Tyne Bar, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
Lock N Load* Welcome Tavern, Sunderland
Big River* Old Fox, Felling (5pm)
FM* Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
Frog on the Tyne*
Bessie & the Zinc Buckets
Sand Dancer, South Shields
Bernies (50's & 60's Show) Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Larry Page Tynemouth Golf Club, Tynemouth (4pm)
Bone Idols
+ others
Darlington Blues Fest (at Angels Cut Bar)(from noon)
Boneshakers* Quakerhouse, Darlington
Mad Manners Angels Place, Sunderland (3pm)
Panic Report* supporting
Band Manners
Academy, Newcastle
Memphis Cruisers Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland
Air4ce (Ginger Baker trib) Darlington Blues Fest (Riverside stage 5:30pm)
James Taylor Beggars Bridge, East Boldon* (6pm)
Straight to Blues Milbourne Arms, Whitley Bay* (7pm)
Monday 13th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Tuesday 14th
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 15th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
'Buskers' Ship Inn, Benton* ***CHECK!***
Thursday 16th
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Open Mic' ***CANCELLED!*** Venue, Cramlington ***CANCELLED!***
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Edd Carr Milbourne Arms, Holywell*
King Size Voodoo Traveller* Black Bull, Morpeth
'Buskers Night' Tanner Smiths, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
'Acoustic Night' with Annabel Pattison Townhouse, Whitley Bay* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Tipps Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
'Live Acoustic' Tannery, Hexham
'Buskers Night' Masons Arms, Blyth*
Friday 17th  
Tommy & the Oddballs* Four Ladies, Cramlington
The Force* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Hank & the Hot Dogs Schooner, Gateshead*
The Dancers Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Big River* ***CANCELLED*** Crescent Club, Cullercoats* ***CANCELLED***
The Wildhearts Boilershop, Newcastle* (Tickets)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Forum, Darlington*
Panic Report* Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Lock N Load* Venue, Cramlington*
Whole Hog The Crown, Whickham
Fizzy Fish Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Ibiza Soul Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
The Brit Pack Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Russ Tippins Band* Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Breakfast Club* 'Party in the Park', Morpeth
FM* Victoria, Sunderland
Dean Palmer Old Fat Ox, Hollywell
Mad Manners Felmor Holiday Park, Morpeth
Four Worried Men Tinker Smiths, South Shields*
The Addiction Voyager, South Shields*
Jamie Harrison (in the Bar)
Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Gail Neill Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Mike Gatto Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Skullduggery Moorcock, Peterlee*
Saturday 18th
Filth Hounds
Ten Ton Friday
Trillians, Newcastle*
FM # Star Inn, Newcastle*
Russ Tippins Crook Hotel, Crook*
Four Letter Word Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Pretty Weeds White Swan, Morpeth*
Metal Militia Schooner, Gateshead*
Tina Turner & Diana Ross tribute shows Ex-Servicemens Club, Forest Hall* (8 tickets)
Punkasaurus* Dougies Tavern, Hebburn
Four Worried Men Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
The Force* Trades Club, Barnsley
Tubesnake* Fat Ox, Whitley Bay
Six Nowt* Wheatsheaf, Sunderland
Lock N Load* Grindon Broadway Club, Grindon
Kimera* Kirkpatricks,South Shields
The Odels Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
In At The Deep End Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Jenn Cherene Trio Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Force Fed Lies
Sin City Rockers
Black Bull, Blaydon
Six Nowt
Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Wanderin' Loose St.Peters SC, Byker*
Paul Rodgers Story
Citz Club, Redcar (Tickets)
Ritchie Bee Band* Runhead Bar & Grill, Ryton
Dee Tees* Supporters Club, Hartlepool
Nutopians Residents Club, New Hartley*
Newcastle Blues Brothers Innisfree SC, Longbenton*
Mad Manners Clousden Hill, Forest Hall*
Are You Experienced? (Hendrix trib) Forum, Darlington*
Back2Black Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth*
Get Carter Beechwood & Easterside Club, Middlesbrough
The ELO Show Customs House, South Shields*
Razzzle Steels Club, Sunderland*
FM replace
The V's
Star Inn, Newcastle
Hope City Rockers Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Dreadnought Voyager, South Shields*
Good Souls
Callum Donnison (in the Bar)
Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
The Pre-Amps* Togston SC, Morpeth
Troubleshooters Mill Tavern, Hebburn*
Four Worried Men Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Swamp Hoppers* Poachers Cottage, Callerton
Mojo Hand Band Old Fox, Felling*
The Panthers Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Jack Mylcreest Longship, Hebburn
Blistered Molly Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Hudson Sisters Commercial, Willington*
Kelly Mac GW Horners, Cheste-le-Street*
Tempest Mallard, Seaham*
The Replay Venue, Cramlington*
Broken Toys Heaton Buffs Club. Byker* (c/c)
The Moonbeats Unionist Club, South Shields*
Raw Spirit Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Underdogs Mill Tavern, Hebburn*
Beyond Blonde Ox Inn, Stanley*
Brothel Creepers Mill, Crook
Sunday 19th  
UK/DC Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm)
7 Sins replace
Big River*
Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Revolutionaires Tyne Bar, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Craik Park, Morpeth (Tickets)
Lock N Load* Grindon Broadway Club, Grindon
FM* Chesters, Chester-le-Street (4pm)
Riff Raff* (AC/DC trib) Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
The Understudies Sand Dancer, South Shields* (5pm)
Larry Page* Quakerhouse, Darlington (5pm)
Rabble Rousers Wheatsheaf, Sunderland* (3pm)
Mad Manners Masons Arms, Blyth* (3pm)
Uncle Gilbert* ***CANCELLED!*** Turks Head, Darlington ***CANCELLED!***
Rigid Digits Angels Place, Sunderland (3pm)
West Coast Band St.Peters SC, Byker*
Dirty South +
Steelies Club, Hartlepool (5:3pm)
Revolver Four Ladies, Cramlington*
Bessie & the Zinc Buckets (4pm)
Ruby & the Mystery Cats (6pm)
Voyager, South Shields*
Jack Mylcreest Beggars Bridge, East Boldon* (6pm)
The Pre-Amps* Spennymoor SC (3pm)
Blistered Molly The Fox, Hexham*
Swamp Hoppers* Old Fox, Felling (5pm)
The Addiction Vigilant, South Shields* (7pm)
JustSo Venue, Cramlington* (1pm)
Jack Oldham Black Bull, Morpeth*
Scott Keirs (5pm)
'Buskers' with Lloyd Joyce (7pm)
Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Alexandra McLeod Clousden Hill, Forest Hall* (5pm)
Gaslighters Mill Tavern, Hebburn* (5pm)
Monday 20th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' Old Fox, Felling*
Tuesday 21st  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
'Buskers Night' Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Wednesday 22nd  
'Open Mic' (Weekly!) Milbourne Arms, Holywell (Weekly!)
Rosalie Cunningham Trillians, Newcastle* (10adv/13door)
'Buskers' Ship Inn, Benton*
'Buskers' Ship & Royal, South Shields (Weekly!)
Thursday 23rd  
'Buskers Night' with Russ Tippins Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly!)
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Abaddon*/Mythra Trillians, Newcastle*
Dead Hand Black Bull, Morpeth*
Friday 24th
Dead Hand Star Inn, Newcastle*
Elenbak Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Blakk Sabbath* (Tribute) Schooner, Gateshead*
Romeos Pistol Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
The Force* Pelaw Inn, Gateshead
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Easton & Normanby WMC, Middlesbrough
Test Pilots* Platform 1, Bedlington
Tempest* Bay Horse, Bishop Auckland
Panic Report* Ziggys, South Shields
Lock N Load* Philadelphia Beer Festival, Cricket Club
Dakota* Ox Inn, Stanley
NEvana Trillians, Newcastle*
Ritchie Bee Band* The Crown, Whickham
Ball Breakers Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
Rabbit Foot Club Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Godz of Wor Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Pre-Amps Live Lounge, Sunderland*
FM* Travellers Rest, Wideopen
Blackmores Blood Armstrong Bar, South Shields (8/10 door)
Uncle Gilbert* ***CANCELLED!*** Penny Gill, Spennymoor ***CANCELLED!***
This Machine* Glendale SC, ??? (2)
The Pre-Amps* Live Lounge, Sunderland
Acoustic Waves Duo New Crown, South Shields???
9th Avenue Voyager, South Shields*
Giroscope Three Tuns, Gateshead*
On The Road Again Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Amy Greer Masons Arms, Blyth*
The Sumthins Greens, Sunderland*
Rabbit Foot Club Sand Dancer, South Shields* (8pm)
Jamie (Baldy Holly Band) Old Fat Ox, Hollywell
280's ***CANCELLED!*** Big Jug, Durham* ***CANCELLED!***
The Audios Three Mile Inn, Gosforth
Ritchie Bee Band The Crown, Whickham
Test Pilots Platform 1, Bedlington
Tony Bengtsson Ziggys, South Shields*
Mad Manners Hastings, Seaton Deleval
Thomas Farrell Schooner, Gateshead*
Saturday 25th
Ozzbest replace
The Crue (Trib)
Trillians, Newcastle*
Ska Mania Crook Hotel, Crook*
Trilogy* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Tommy & the Oddballs* Ox Inn, Stanley*
Howard Baker Band Seaton Deleval Arts Centre
This Machine* White Swan, Morpeth*
West Coast Band Schooner, Gateshead
Forever Freddie/Robbie Williams trib/
Bryan Adams experience/Acoustic Weller/
Old Red Eyes
Engineers Club, Darlington (15 tickets)
The Straits UK Residents Club, New Hartley*
Final Pout'down* Turbinia, Newton Aycliffe
The Force* Hartlepool WMC
Test Pilots* Britannia, Houghton
Tempest* Mallard, Seaham
Fossil* Steels Club, Sunderland
Big River* Grand Hotel, Bishop Auckland
John Patterson Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Whole Hog Old Fox, Felling*
Beyond Madness Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Mad Manners Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Graham Henderson Experience Live Lounge, Sunderland*
Diamond Dogs* Townhouse, Whitley Bay
Breakfast Club* Sports & Social Club, Newton Aycliffe (SOLD OUT!)
The White Line
Old Haunts
Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Mugshot Fat Ox, Whitley Bay*
Big Ted* Townhouse, Whitley Bay
Blue Flamingos* Arts Centre, Seaton Deleval
The Pre-Amps* Primrose Valley Holiday Park, Filey
Underdogs Mill Tavern, Hebburn*
Understudies Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Desolation +
BOZ Metal
Globe, Newcastle* (Tickets)
Bad Bob Bates* Black Bull, Gateshead
Sleeze Sisters Voyager, South Shields*
Contraband ***CANCELLED!*** Star Inn, Newcastle* ***CANCELLED!***
Four Letter Word Coach House, Low Fell?
FM* ***CANCELLED!*** Golden Fleece, Silksworth ***CANCELLED!***
Jodie Fitzgibbon Sand Dancer, South Shields* (8pm)
Little Peculiar Angel Inn, ???
Full Tilt Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Six Card Trick Bede Street Club, Amble
Healthy Junkies
Loz Campbell
Victoria Vaults, York*
Fizzy Fish O'Connells, Middlesbrough
Rushed (Rush trib) Three Tuns, Gateshead* (3 door)
Larry Page Tynemouth Food Festival, Tynemouth Priory (2pm)
Low Lights Tavern, North Shields (9pm)
The Panthers The Turf, Consett
Rivelino Clover & Wolf, South Shields*
Kenny Craig Ziggys, South Shields*
FM* ***NEW!*** Horden Comrades Club
Junkyard Dogz Longship, Hebburn*
Tamla All Stars (Mowtown) Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Papa Lazarou Brandling Villa, South Gosforth*
Emerald Thieves Heaton Buffs Club, Byker* (c/c)
Jonny Boyle Harbour Lights, South Shields*
Caz & Richie Mallard, Seaham*
City Road Survivors Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Freddie Purvis* Blackhall Navy Club
Sunday 26th  
Metal Militia Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
Revolutionaires Crook Hotel, Crook*
De Ja Vue Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Alcatraz House Band/Rabble Rousers/
Alibi/Deep Purple in Rock/Brit Pack
Mallard, Seaham
Hiding Magpies Tyne Bar, Byker, Newcastle* (3pm)
Metal Militia Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
Jonny Sands Sand Dancer, South Shields* (6pm)
Audios Wheatsheaf, Sunderland* (3pm)
Kevin Finnagan (Ska) Four Ladies, Cramlington*
JustUzFor Vigilant, South Shields* (7pm)
The Rattlers Greens, Sunderland* (6pm)
King Size Voodoo Traveller Voyager, South Shields* (6:30pm)
Outlaw Sand Dancer, South Shields* (5pm)
The Addiction Old Fox, Felling* (4:30pm)
Traction St. Peters Club, Byker
Stratasphonic The Fox, Hexham* (4:30pm)
Freddie Purvis Big Jug, Durham (4pm)
Larry Page Rams Head, Langley Park (5pm)
The Panthers Bay Horse, Felling (3:30pm)
Steve P Seven Stars, Ponteland* (5pm)
Monday 27th  
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Witchkraft* Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Tuesday 28th  
Wednesday 29th  
Call Me Malcolm Trillians, Newcastle*
'Buskers' Ship Inn, Benton*
Thursday 30th
'Buskers Night' with Ian Ainsley/Ian Rogers GW Horners, Chester-le-Street* (Weekly!)
Blake Robson Ziggys, South Shields*
Matt Williams Criterion, South Shields*
'Buskers' Wheatsheaf, Sunderland*
Vacivus//Live Burial Trillians, Newcastle* (7)


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