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Please check all listings before setting out to gigs. Most gigs (if not all) are outside and may need advance booking for/or limited seating!

JULY 2021  
Thursday 1st
Friday 2nd  
Dizzy Lizzy (Tribute) Rose Inn, Wallsend* (Tickets)
Curtain Call (Damned tribute) Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Liberty Belle Acoustic Old Fox, Hollywell Village
Fire Lady Luck Big Jug, Durham
Breakfast Club* Trimmers Arms, South Shields
Fossil Moorcock, Peterlee*
The Force* Voyager, South Shields* (5 ticket)
Skullduggery* Legion, Murton
Conor Michael Corner Hose, Heaton*
Marigolds Duo Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Lee Brown Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Millenium Bug Craik Park, Morpeth
'Springsteen Acoustic' Schooner, Gateshead*
Saturday 3rd  
Rock Solid* ***CANCELLED!*** Grand Hotel, Bishop Auckland ***CANCELLED!***
Simon Stephenson Murrays Club, Fellgate* (5pm)
Jenn Normandale Three Tuns, Gateshead*
The Rogues Crook Hotel, Crook*
New Breed Revolution Durham OX, Coundon
Get Carter Elmfield Club, Hebburn*
Nutopians Schooner, Gateshead
Breakfast Club* Voyager, South Shields*
Bone Idols Frog & Ferret, Spennymoor (6pm)
Kendall Duo Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Marigolds Duo Grannie Annies, Sunderland* (5pm)
Sunday 4th
Mad Manners Bay Horse, Felling* (4pm)
Revolutionaires Crook Hotel, Crook*
Test Pilots St. Peters Club, Byker*
Four Worried Men Sand Dancer, South Shields* (5pm)
Toni Anderson ***POSTPONED!*** (Now next Sunday!) Seven Stars, Ponteland* (4pm)
Giroscope Voyager, South Shields* (6pm)
Midnite Blue Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Monday 5th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Tuesday 6th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 7th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Thursday 8th  
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Cameron Glass Market Lane, Newcastle* (5:30pm)
Friday 9th  
The Force* Moorcock, Peterlee*
Abi Garrido Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Broken Toys Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Gods of Wor Platform 1, Bedlington
Brothel Creepers Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Tubesnake* Rose Inn, Wallsend
Saturday 10th
Big Ted* Whitehouse Club, Ashington
Starz* Old Fox, Felling
Mugshot Crook Hotel, Crook*
FM* ***CANCELLED!*** Britannia, Houghton-le-Spring ***CANCELLED!***
Fretz & Fox Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Russ Tippins Electric Band Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Starz* Blackhall Navy Club, Hartlepool
Nutopians Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Tubesnake* Durham Ox, Coundon
The Houndcats Duo Stack, Newcastle*
The Panthers Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Fretz & Fox Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Mike Gatt Grannie Anies, Sunderland*
Sunday 11th  
Twister ***CANCELLED!*** Crook Hotel, Crook* ***CANCELLED!***
FM* Old Fox, Felling (5pm)
Rivelino Sand Dancer, South Shields* (3pm)
Toni Anderson Seven Stars, Ponteland* (4pm)
7 Sins Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Monday 12th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Tuesday 13th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 14th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Thursday 15th
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Lewis Curry Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Friday 16th
Rock Solid* Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Lock N Load Moorcock, Peterlee*
Prism Crook Hotel, Crook*
Denny Owen Duo Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Tubesnake* Steels Club, Sunderland
Taylor Payne Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Mike Gatto Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
David Stoker Old Fox, Hollywell
Panic Report Dougies Tavern, Hebburn*
Godz of Wor replace
Ground Zero
Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Archie Brown Unplugged The Globe, Newcastle * (Tickets!)
Berry Burgess Corner House, Heaton*
Ovedrive* Market Tavern, Bedlington
Loft Boys Voyager, South Shields* (5 ticket!)
Saturday 17th
Rock Solid* Easington Colliery Club, Easington
'Springsteen Acoustic' Old Fox, Felling*
Fossil Crook Hotel, Crook*
Breakfast Club* ***CHECK!*** Heworth Golf Club, Heworth (c/c) ***CHECK!***
Tipps Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Punkasaurus Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Richard Gardner Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*
Godz of Wor Rose Inn, Wallsend
Gary Spalding Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Alan Knights Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
Breakfast Club (6:15pm) 'Chilli-fest', Meggies Burn Fields, Blyth seafront
Beyond Madness Trree Horse Shoes, Blyth
Krakatoa Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Sarah Connoly Clousden Hill, Palmersville*
This Machine* Potters Wheel, Sunniside
Sunday 18th  
FM* Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm)
SAB3* (Sabbath tribute) # Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle (Tickets 10)
Rivelino Sand Dancer, South Shields* (6pm)
Skywalkers Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Denny Owens Beggars Bridge, East Boldon* (5pm)
Scott Keirs Grannie Annies, Sunderland* (5pm)
Dog In A Box replace
Thieves of Liberty
St. Peters Club, Byker*
Mark Allen Seven Stars, Ponteland* (4pm)
Mad Manners Station, Killingworth* (5pm)
Monday 19th  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Tuesday 20th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
Wednesday 21st  
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
SAB3* (Sabbath tribute) Forum, Darlington (Tickets 10)
Thursday 22nd
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Connor Pattison Market Lane, Newcastle* (5:30pm)
Russ Tippins 'Buskers' Harbour Lights, South Shields* (Weekly)
Novichok & Trendkill Trillians, Newcastle*
Friday 23rd  
Monsters Moorcock, Peterlee*
Danny Smith Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Totally Tina (Tribute) Playhouse, Whitley Bay*
The Grumpies Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Ritchie Bee Band Bell & Bucket, North Shields
Thieves of Liberty
Electric Black
Fallen Mafia*
Trillians, Newcastle*
Lock N Load* Clover & Wolf, South Shields
Starz UK* The Burn, Willington
This Machine* Voyager, South Shields
Understudies Beggars Bridge, East Boldon* (Tickets!)
Bryan Adams Experience Schooner, Gateshead* (3)
Kimmi Olsen Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Giroscope Stone Trough, Gateshead
Percy & the Piglets Rose Inn, Wallsend*
Saturday 24th
Rivelino Ziggys, South Shields*
Starz UK* Merling, Billingham
Siren White Swan, Morpeth
Midnite Blue ***CANCELLED!*** Crook Hotel, Crook* ***CANCELLED!***
Fossil (12pm)
FM* (1pm)
Tubesnake* (2pm)
UKDC (4pm)
Giroscope (5pm)
Skullduggery (6pm)
Little Devil (7pm)
This Machine (8pm)
Contraband (9pm)
Red Hot Chilipinos (10pm)
'Summer Rock Festival'
Rose Inn, Wallsend (Ticketed all day event! 10)
SAB3* (Sabbath tribute)
+ Twister
Steelies, Hartlepool
Robyn Taylor Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Prism Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Punkasaurus Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Lock N Load* Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth
Buffalo Four Cleveland Hotel, Redcar*
Panic Report Star Inn, Newcastle
UK Chilli Peppers Bubbles, Ashington*
In At The Deep End Bebside Inn, Bedlington*
Fin Dobing (5:30pm)
Sophie Davis (6:45pm)
Sponge Divers (9pm)
Schooner, Gateshead* (3)
Michael Stevens
or Kenny Craig??
Longship, Hebburn*
Revival Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
ACDC GB Trillians, Newcastle*
Ana Saiz Duo
The Marigolds
Good Souls
Hebburn Sports Centre
(Tickets 10/day or 15 weekend)
(from 2:30pm)
Celtic Man Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Romeos Pistol Ox Inn, Stanley*
Panic Report Star Inn, Newcastle*
Deep Purple in Rock Mallard, Seaham
Sam Rae Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
Dusty Train Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Junior Turner Newcastle Benfield FC, Heaton (7pm)
Understudies Voyager, South Shields*
Sunday 25th
Starz* Alitheos, Norton
Tubesnake* ***CANCELLED!*** Crook Hotel, Crook* (4pm) ***CANCELLED!***
Breakfast Club* Hebburn Sports Centre (7pm)
Alcatraz House Band Sand Dancer, South Shields* (3pm)
Sneaky Blinders (4pm)
Black Cadillac (7pm)
Magnesia Bank, North Shields* (4pm)
Tipps Grannie Annies, Sunderland* (5pm)
Maid of Ace Trillians, Newcastle* (8)
Kenny Craig
Kansas City Shuffle
Breakfast Club
Hebburn Sports Centre
(Tickets 10/day or 15 weekend)
(from 2:30pm)
Terry Slesser Albion Gin & Ale House, Jarrow*
Junior Turner Four Ladies, Cramlington
Blakk Sabbath (Tribute) Penny Gill, Spennymoor* (4pm)
Michaela Lawton Seven Stars, Ponteland* (4pm)
Monday 26th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
'Buskers Night' Red Lion, Earsdon* (Weekly!)
Howard Baker Band Mill View Club
Tuesday 27th  
'Lampglass Buskers' (Weekly) Bubbles, Ashington*
'Buskers Night' Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Wednesday 28th
Jonny Boyle Sessions Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (Weekly)
Bon Jovi Forever* Beechwood & Easterside, Middlesbrough
Thursday 29th  
Jonny Boyle (Weekly) Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7pm)
Emily Bourn Black Bull, Morpeth*
Acoustic Night with Annabel Pattison Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Friday 30th
Bon Jovi Forever Forum, Darlington (Tickets)
Rock Solid* Live Lounge, Sunderland
Central Park Moorcock, Peterlee*
Starz* Penny Gill, Spennymoor*
T-Rox ***CHECK!*** Crook Hotel, Crook* ***CHECK!***
FM* Rose Inn, Wallsend
Breakfast Club* Bede Club, Amble (c/c)
Tommy & the Oddballs replace
Ma Kellys Boys* (Quo tribute)
Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
Russ Tippins* Quakerhouse, Darlington*
The Grumpies* Greens, Sunderland
TBC ***CHECK!*** Star Inn, Newcastle* ***CHECK!***
The Straits (Tribute) Three Tuns, Gateshead* (3)
The Grumpies Greens, Sunderland*
Punkasaurus Venue, Cramlington
Troubleshooters Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Heartbreaker Trillians, Newcastle*
Deep Purple in Rock* Steels Club, Sunderland
Brooke Barber Golden Fleece, Silksworth*
Jonny Boyle Ziggys, South Shields*
Tom Atkinson (5pm)
Nutopians (8pm)
'Beer, Pie & Music festival'
Schooner, Gateshead*
Saturday 31st
Graham Russell replaces
Rock Solid*
Mill House, Crook
'Killifest 2021'
Celtic Man (12pm)
Junior Turner (1pm)
The Fontains (3pm)
Tommy & the Oddballs (4:45pm)
Station, Killingworth
(Ticket Event!)
(15 day/22 weekend ticket)
The Force* Heaton Buffs Club, Byker (c/c)
Starz* Durham Ox, Coundon
Russ Tippins Crook Hotel, Crook*
Breakfast Club* The Westoe, South Shields
Stoned Crowes & Pipers Magnesia Bank, North Shields*
The Good Souls Lord Nelson, Jarrow*
Alex Fawcett Band ***CANCELLED!*** Cleveland Hotel, Redcar* ***CANCELLED!***
'60s/70s Festival'
Elvis/Stieve Wonder/Diana Ross tribute
The PreAmps
Rose Inn, Wallsend (Tickets!)
Boys of Brass Brandling Villa, South Gosforth*
Mad Manners White Swan, Morpeth*
Mugshot Voyager, South Shields
Rigid Digits Three Tuns, Gateshead*
Dean Palmer Harbour Lights, South Shields*
Sponge Divers Venue, Cramlington
Ruby & the Mystery Cats New Hartley Residents Club*
TBC Star Inn, Newcastle*
Spooky KIds (Marilyn Manson trib) ***CANCELLED!***
Korn Again (Korn trib)
Trillians, Newcastle* ***CANCELLED!***
Mad Manners Jolly Bowman, Wallsend*
Beer Monkeys Bebside Inn, Bedlington/Blyth*
Lee Brown Longship, Hebburn*
Skullduggery* Frog & Ferret, Spennymoor
Millenium Bug Ziggys, South Shields*
Giroscope Townhouse, Whitley Bay*
Spitting Vicars Ox Inn, Stanley*
Contraband Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
Josh Heneghen (3pm)
Sophie Davis (4pm)
National Anthems
Rhys Breen (7pm)
'Beer, Pie & Music festival'
Schooner, Gateshead*
System of Hate Black Bull, Gateshead
Little Devil Fat Ox, Whitley Bay*
West Coast Band Blue Bell, Jesmond*
Larry Page Low Ligths Tavern, North Shields
Overdrive Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Missing Cats Roker Hotel, Sunderland (7:30pm)
James Hedley Beggars Bridge, East Boldon*


JULY 2021