Aug/Sept/Oct 2020
(* denotes Band or Venue confirmation)

Please check all listings before setting out to gigs. Most gigs (if not all) are outside and may need advance booking for/or limited seating!

Friday 28th August  
Scott Kiers Grannie Annies, Sunderland
Swamp Hoppers* Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle
Back to the 80's Corner House, Heaton, Newcastle*
Jess Hynes Sand Dancer, South Shields*
Sponge Divers Clover & Wolf, South Shields* (6-8pm)
'Elton John tribute' Saltgrass, Sunderland (7pm- tickets)
Bryan Adams Experience* Three Tuns, Gateshead
Micky Glamz Mill View club, Sunderland*
Jen Cherene Duo Stack, Newcastle* (6-8pm)
Saturday 29th August  
Revolunionaires Acoustic Schooner, Gateshead*
The Dancers Acoustic Trio Sand Dancer, South Shields*
Mojo Hand Clover & Wolf, South Shields* (7-9pm)
Millenium Bug Mill Taverm Hebburn (8pm...inside)
The Hookahs* Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle
Jay R (Ska) Stone Trough, Felling
The Pre-Amps Heaton Buffs Club, Byker(3)
Dan Smith (1:30pm)
Lewis Curry Duo (4:45pm)
Stack, Newcastle* (6-8pm)
Another Story Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Mike Memphis (Elvis) Blue Bell, Jesmond* (9pm)
Dave Redfearn (2pm)
Lee Willow
Saltgrass, Sunderland*
The Beardy Busker Anglers Arms, Choppington (4-7pm)
Mad Manners Jolly Bowman Wallsend (8:30pm)
Connor Walsh Grannie Annies, Sunderland* (8pm)
The Kill UK* Thornaby Sports & Leisure (3pm)
Alcatraz House Band* Westoe, South Shields (6pm)
Sunday 30th August  
Dave Ridley Sand Dancer, South Shields* (6:30pm)
Panic Report Clover & Wolf, South Shields* (7-9pm)
Old Codger
Mallard, Seaham (from 1pm Tickets)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Craik Park, Morpeth
Junior Turner
Isabella, Blyth (3pm...outside)
Charlie White (12:30pm)
Dave Red (4:30pm)
Stack, Newcastle* (6-8pm)
Deb Taylor-Smith
The Pre-Amps
Kelly Rox
Billy West (Queen)
Gypsy Eyes
Station, Killingworth*
(Tickets 5)
Marc Rowell (2pm)
Kris Stephenson
Sons of Eden (7pm)
Saltgrass, Sunderland*
Outlaw (Acoustic) (6pm)
Richard Gardner (8pm)
Grannie Annies, Sunderland*
Jonny Boyle Lord Nelson, Jarrow (5pm...outside)
Monday 31st August
Junior Turner Heaton Buffs Club, Byker(2)
Fallen Mafia* Black Bull, Gateshead (4-6pm)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Steelworks Club, Middlesbrough
Sons of Eden (5pm) Saltgrass, Sunderland*
The Beardy Busker Cyprus Hotel, South Shields (4pm)
Michael McNally Mill Tavern, Hebburn* (4pm)
The Pre-Amps Rose Inn, Wallsend* (4pm...outside)
Paige Temperley (12:30pm)
John Gatenby Duo (4:30m)
Connor Haley (7:30pm)
Stack, Newcastle*
Lloyd Joyce Grannie Annies, Sunderland (5pm)
Ian McDonald Harbour Lights, South Shields (2pm)
Beth Macari trio Schooner, Gateshead* (Check tickets!)
Tuesday 1st September  
Dave Ridley (5:30pm) Stack, Newcastle*
'Showcase' Schooner, Gateshead*
Wednesday 2nd September  
David Bryan & Bernadette Wilde Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Andy Usher (4pm) Stack, Newcastle*
Thursday 3rd September
Glen Roughead (3pm)
John Gatenby (Duo (7pm)
Stack, Newcastle*
Jonny Boyle Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7:30pm)
Friday 4th September  
Beastie Boy tribute
Rage Against the Machine tribute
The Logoz
Morpeth Town FootballClub* (Tickets!)
Tempest Moorcock, Peterlee* (9pm)
Mark John (2pm)
Tempered Glass ((4:45pm)
Stack, Newcastle*
Beardy Busker Schooner, Gateshead*
Jess Hynes Duo Trimmers Arms, South Shields* (8pm)
Mad Manners Oddfellows Arms, Seaham (9pm)
Percy & the Piglets Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (9pm)
Tom Atkinson Schooner, Gateshead* (9pm)
Saturday 5th September
Robbie Williams tribute
Ed Sheeran tribute
Amy Winehouse tribute
Morpeth Town FootballClub* (Tickets!)
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Saltgrass, Sunderland (Tickets 10)
Panic Report Hedworth Hall, South Shields (Booking!)
Annabel Pattison (1pm)
National Anthems (4:45pm)
Stack, Newcastle*
Rivelino Clover & Wolf, South Shields (7pm)
Jonny Boyle Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
The Beardy Busker Filthy Bone, Tynemouth (5pm)
Mad Manners Anglers Arms, Choppington (4pm)
Rose Inn, Wallsend (7pm) (Check ticket availability!)
Percy & the Piglets Wheatsheaf, Sunderland (9pm)
Bryan Adams Experience* New Marske Sports Club (Tickets!!!)
Callum Kewen Mill Tavern, Hebburn* (8pm)
Gin n Juice ***CANCELLED!*** Blue Bell, Jesmond* ***CANCELLED!***
The Grumpies* Easington Social Club
Sunday 6th September  
Kings of Leon tribute
The Whodlums (The Who tribute)
Acoustic Weller
Morpeth Town FootballClub* (Tickets!)
Simma (12:30pm) Stack, Newcastle*
Acoustic Weller Schooner, Gateshead* (Ticketed)
Claire Marshall Experience Mill View Club, Sunderland*
Mike Watts Seven Stars, Ponteland* (4pm)
Thursday 10th September  
Jonny Boyle Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7:30pm)
Friday 11th September
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Route 72, Newburn* (Tickets!)
The Force* Steels Club, Sunderland
Fossil Rose Inn, Wallsend* (SOLD OUT!)
Revolutionaires Tinker Smiths, South Shields* (9pm)
Breakfast Club* Armstrong Hall, South Shields
Swamp Hoppers* Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
OasisJam Big Jug, Durham (9pm)
The Beardy Busker Crown & Anchor, Jarrow (5pm)
The Understudies Trimmers Arms, South Shields* (Ticket only!)
Saturday 12th September  
Starz* Hartlepool WMC, Hartlepool
Red Hot Riot Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
John Doonan Mill Tavern, Hebburn*
Full Tilt Cleveland, Redcar*
Jenn Cherene Duo Trimmers Arms, South Shields* (Booking recommended!)
Mad Manners Bell & Bucket, North Shields (4pm)
Michael Rolf Band Sand Dancer, South Shields* (8pm)
Sunday 13th September  
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute)
+ others
Faux Festival, Blyth
Memphis Cruisers Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (3pm?)
The Newcastle Blues Brothers Station, Killingworth* (5pm)
Nutopians Schooner, gateshead*
Thursday 17th September  
Jonny Boyle Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7:30pm)
Friday 18th September
Tubesnake* ***CANCELLED!*** Big Jug, Durham (9pm) ***CANCELLED!***
The Understudies Tinker Smiths, South Shields (6pm)
Hank & the Hot Dogs Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
Sonny Trimmers Arms, South Shields* (Booking recommended!)
Fossil Live Lounge, Sunderland
Sponge Divers Acoustic Schooner, Gateshead*
Giroscope* Cleadon & District SC, South Shields
Saturday 19th September  
Frankies Cafe* Coxlodge Social Club, Gosforth (6:15pm Start!)
The Force* Easington Colliery WMC. Peterlee (3 ticket only!)
FM* Horse & Groom, Consett (9pm)
King Size Voodoo Traveller* ***CANCELLED!*** Whitehouse SC, Ashington ***CANCELLED!***
45 Spread Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
UK/DC (Tribute) Trimmers Arms, South Shields* (Ticket only!)
Franki Valli tribute Rose Inn, Wallsend*
'Showcase' Schooner, Gateshead*
Doggone Daddys Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
Sunday 20th September  
Overdrive* St Peters Club, Byker (5 at 8pm)
The Groovediggers Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (3pm?)
The Audion Acoustic Schooner, Gateshead*
Thursday 24th September  
Jonny Boyle Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7:30pm)
Friday 25th September  
Heartbreaker* Platform1, Bedlington
Overdrive* Trimmers Arms, South Shields
The Force* ***CANCELLED!*** 'Farmyard Rally, Duncombe Park, Hemsley (Tickets)
The Bullfrogs Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
Saturday 26th September  
The Force* Hartlepool United Supporters Club, Hartlepool
Starz* Yorkshire Lass, New Marske
Danny Rampling Saltgrass, Sunderland*
Kentucky Cowtippers Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle*
Rigid Digits Dougies Tavern, Hebburn* (6:30pm)
Sunday 27th September  
Starz* St. Peters Club, Byker
The Rockin' Turner Brothers Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle* (3pm)
Thursday 1st October  
Jonny Boyle Sand Dancer, South Shields* (7:30pm) (Weekly!)
Friday 2nd October  
Lorraine Crosby Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Saturday 3rd October  
Marty Craggs & his Little Big Band Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Punk Pop Disaster Seahorse, Blyth
Rico ( Springsteen tribute/solo) Crook Hotel, Crook*
Friday 9th October  
Lorraine Crosby Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Saturday 10th October  
Billy Mitchell & Bob Fox Crescent Club, Cullercoats*
Vinyl Chimes Dougies Tavern, Hebburn*
daft Funk Saltgrass, Sunderland
Friday 16th October  
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Wylam Brewery (Tickets) (SOLD OUT!)
Saturday 17th October  
Overdrive* Live Lounge, Sunderland (8:30pm)
The Force* Heaton Buffs, Byker
Whole Hog Live Lounge, Sunderland
Punkasaurus (Debut gig!) Trimmers Arms, South Shields*
We Are Champion* (Queen tribute) Wylam Brewery (Tickets) (2nd night!)
Saturday 24th October  
The Force* Hartlepool WMC, Hartlepool ((c/c...first come....!)
King Size Voodoo Traveller* Whitehouse SC, Ashington


Aug/Sept/Oct 2020